The following screenshots of the registration process are provided to give you an overview of what to expect when registering.  Please read these instructions first before proceeding to the Basketball Australia Registration Page to ensure your registration is quick and easy.

When you have finished reviewing these instructions please click the REGISTER NOW Button at the bottom of this page.

If you experience any difficulty during registration please call 0400 708 037 or email

When first commencing the registration process you will be offered the opportunity to register more than one person.  Please select how many adults and/or children you wish to register.  Press Continue to proceed.
Enter your email address.   Your email address is your primary identifier in the system.   The system will check this address to see if it has ever been used to register a player previously.  Note: this check also incudes potential registrations through other sports – not just basketball.  Press Continue to proceed.
If your email is not found in the system you will be asked to confirm you are new member.

If you know you have previously registered then click the No I’ve registered before link and you will be taken to a page where you can enter your password or reset your password if you have forgotten it.

If you are a new member click the Yes I’m New button to continue.

If your email IS found in the system you will offered the opportunity to enter your password or reset your password if you have forgotten it
If you clicked on YES I’m New button you will be taken to a page that says your email address has been registered. You will be asked to check your email.  Please go to your email inbox and find the email from SportsTG which provides a link to setting your password.  Follow the link in the email to set your password.

(note this email  is also used for existing registered users to reset their password – do not be confused by this as new members also use this form to set their password for the first time)

This page will be displayed enabling  you to enter your password.   Once complete you will be shown a link to return to your registration form to continue the process.
Once you have set your password and returned to your registration form, you will be able to enter your basic information.

You also need to select what  you are registering as.  Note you must select at least one option.  You may select more than one option e.g. you may be a player but also a referee or a coach, etc.

If you select Player you will be required to pay fees online at the end of the registration process.  The other  registration types have no fees.

Pressing Continue will move you to Step 3 in the process  where you will be asked for additional information to complete the registration process. For children this will include parent / guardian information.

Note: the Date of Birth Field is a key field and is used to determine the type of registraton and fees to be paid i.e. U10 Program, Junior or Senior.

Once you have entered all information the registration products you will have to pay for online are displayed.  This example is for the Junior Competition.

Two products are displayed:   BQ Registration fees; and Maryborough Basketball Assoc fees

You will also have to agree to the terms and conditions of participation.

Pressing Continue will take you to a summary page where you will be able to make an online payment.

Note: The Under 10 registration process provides for an OPTIONAL Basketball Qld (BQ) registration for U10 players who also want to play in the Junior Competition.  This is only available to players born in 2009.  Players born after 2009 will not be permitted to play in the Junior Competition.  Please select the OPTIONAL BQ registration product ($30 plus online transaction fees) ONLY if your child was born in 2009 AND wants to play in the Junior U12.

The final step in the process is to pay online.  You may use a credit card or internet banking through PoliPay.

PoliPay is a service that allows you to log into your bank’s internet banking service to pay the fees directly from your bank account.  To learn more about PoliPay please go to:

Once payment has been processed you will receive a copy of the transaction and your registration details by email.  Details will also be recorded in the Maryborough Basketball Association’s database.

Your registration is now complete!

Thank you.